The Battle is an instrumental rock band from Northeast Ohio. They are brothers Donne (drums) and Ron Copenhaver (guitar), Chris Shaheen (guitar), and Tom Nemo (bass).

The Battle have an edge. While not by definition a heavy rock band, many of the riffs blur the line between heavy and alternative rock. The brothers have joked that they are Explosions of the Stone Age, a reference to two of their influences, instrumental band Explosions in the Sky, and Queens of the Stone Age. There is a push and pull in the music. Songs that start out dissonant and staccato can end sweeping and cinematic, yet while listening the transition feels seamless and natural. The Rustbelt Chronicles calls The Battle "heavily intense and captivating" and, "a four-piece marvel."

The brothers have appeared as featured musical guests on ESPN 850 WKNR Cleveland and QFM 96.3 in Columbus. The Battle appeared as a featured band at ESPN 850 WKNR host Tony Rizzo's annual holiday party in 2014. A song written by the brothers also appeared in the Steph Greegor independent short film Olsky, and have licensed other original music for commercial use. The Battle have opened for national acts Sponge, Otep, Saliva and Puddle of Mudd. 

Truth, Like Light, Blinds, the band's debut album, is available on all major streaming platforms. Their follow-up album is scheduled for Spring 2019. 

Their post-rock instrumental style is a breath of fresh air to the scene”

Splice Media Group

Heavily intense and captivating...a four-piece marvel.”

The Rustbelt Chronicles

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