A heavily intense and captivating...four-piece marvel...”

— The Rustbelt Chronicles


The Battle is an instrumental post-rock band from Northeast Ohio. They are brothers Donne (drums) and Ron Copenhaver (guitar), Chris Shaheen (guitar), and Tom Nemo (bass).

The Battle have an edge. While not by definition a heavy rock band, many of the riffs blur the line between heavy and alternative rock. The brothers have joked that they are Explosions of the Stone Age, a reference to two of their influences, instrumental band Explosions in the Sky, and Queens of the Stone Age. There is a push and pull in the music. Songs that start out dissonant and staccato can end sweeping and cinematic, yet while listening the transition feels seamless and natural. The Rustbelt Chronicles calls The Battle "heavily intense and captivating...four-piece marvel."

Truth, Like Light, Blinds, the band's forthcoming LP is now available through the band's website and all major digital distribution services.

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Photo courtesy of Payne Productions

Photo courtesy of Payne Productions