A heavily intense and captivating...four-piece marvel...”

— The Rustbelt Chronicles


The Battle is an alternative rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Brothers and band founders Donne Copenhaver (drums) and Ron Copenhaver (guitar) started the band in 2016 with Chris Shaheen (guitar) and Tom Nemo (bass) to begin work on an instrumental project that became the band's first release, Truth, Like Light, Blinds, an evocatively dark and hopeful album filled with inventive post-rock guitar layers and a looming desert rock rhythm section.

The band's follow up effort, The Last Place On Earth, pushes their style of rock further into uncharted blends of desert rock riffs and post-rock ambience. The Last Place On Earth was released June 2019. 

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Photo courtesy of Payne Productions

Photo courtesy of Payne Productions